Defination,Composition and Standards of Ghee and Butter Oil

Ghee is one of the oldest and important traditional milk products of India. The origin of ghee making probably lies far beyond recorded history. The word itself emerges from the old Sanskrit ghr, which mean bright or to make bright. When sprinkled on fire fats like butterfat enhanced its brightness. This effect when combined with cause, butterfat was christened ghrita which evolved ghee. The mention of ghee along with many other Indian milk products is also found in the Vedas, the collections of Hindu hymns, since third century BC. Ghee has such a religious significance in India that no important religious or festive Hindu rite omits the use of ghee. It is used starting from the birth ceremony to the last funeral rite of Hindus.Ghee production has also great economical significance in our country. About 24 million tonnes of the total milk produced in the country is utilized for the production of more than 1 million tonnes of ghee per annum, the value of which is about Rs.15000 crores. This is probably the only dairy product produced at all scales

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