Dairy Technology

Milk Collection and Transportation
Milk Reception at the Dairy Dock
Milk Chilling and Storage
Clarification, Separation,Bactofugation and Standardization
Sterilization and Ultra High Temperature Processing
Preparation of Desinated and Special Milk
Packaging Materials Process and Machinery
Operational Details for Common Packaging Systems for Fluid Milk
Storage and Distribution Systems
Types of Detergents and Sanitizers
Methods of Cleaning and Sanitization
Types of can Washers and Their Operational Details
Cleaning in place (CIP)
Defination,Compostion,Standards and Processing of Cream
Preparation of Different Types of Cream
Packaging,Stroage and Common Deffcts in Cream
Methods of Manufacture of Butter
Packaging,Stroage and Common Defects in Butter
Defination,Composition and Standards of Ghee and Butter Oil
Principles and Methods of Manufacture of Ghee and Butter Oil
Packaging, Stroage, Keeping Quality Extention and Adulteration of Ghee
Low Fat Spreads
Defination,Composition and Standards of Khoa,Rabri and Basundi
Methods of Manufacture and Factors Affecting Quality of Products
Khoa Based Sweets
Defination,Composition,Standards and Factors Affecting Quality of Paneer and Chhana
Methods of Manufacture of Paneer and Chhana
Chhana Based Sweets
Packaging,Stroage,Common Deffects,Shelf Life and Preservation of Paneer and Chhana
Defination,Standards Nutritive Value and Principle of Evaporation
Methods of Manufacture and Uses of Sweetened Condensed and Evaporated Milks
Packaging,Stroage and Common Deffects in Condensed Milk
Defination,Composition,Classification,Standards and Principles of Drying
Engineering Aspects of Roller Drier,Spray Drier,Fluid Bed Drier and Try Drier
Spray and Roller Dried Milk Powder and Value Added Products
Packaging,Stroage,Quality Attributes and Common Deffects of Dried Milks
Starter Cultures and Nutritional Importance of Fermented Milks
Methods of Manufacture of Fermented Dairy Products
Packaging,Stroage,Common Deffects in Fermented Milks
History,Defination,Composition and Classification
Principle and Methods of Manufacture of Cheddar Cheese
Principle and Methods of Manufacture of Mozzarella Cheese
Principle and Methods of Manufacture of Pasteurized Processed Cheese Produ cts(PCPS)
Defination,Composition,Classification and Standards
Principle and Method of Manufacture
Packaging, Hardening, Stroage, Transpotation and Common Defects
Softy and Novelties - Defination,Composition,Legal Standards and Method of Manufacture
Skim Milk Casein and Caseinates
Whey-Whey Powder Lactose,and Whey Protein Concentrates
Good Manufacturing Practices,Good Hygienic Practices and Haccp
Laboratory Equipments and Instruments
Microbiological Analysis of Milk and Milk Products
Defination,Application of Sensory Quality Parameters and Sensory Lab Requirements
Selection and Training of Sensory Panelists and Methods of Sensory Evaluation
Judging of Milk and Milk Products
Packaging Materials and Other Food Ingredients
Testing of Packaging Materials
Standards for Food Ingredients
Testing of Food Ingredients
Concepts in Cost and Price Analysis
Entrepreneurial Skills and Delegation
Development of Business Plan
Managing and Operating a Small Business
Performance Evulation of Small Enterprise
Dairy Deveopment in India
Dairy Co-Operatives
Government Policies and Incentives
Milch Breeds
Animal Husbandry Practices and Health Care
Clean Milk Production
Milk Procurement and Modes of Payment
Milk Composition, Its Constituents and Nutritional Importance
Physico-Chemical Properties of Milk
Thermal Processing of Milk
Preservatives, Neutralizers and Adulterants in Milk and their Detection
Materials their Characteristics and Selection of Equipment
Dairy Equipment for Fluid Milk Processing
Dairy Equipment for Products Processing
Preventive Maintenance of Dairy Plants and Machineries
Basic Principles and Components of Refrigeration System
Cooling Systems for Milk and Milk Products
Cold Storage and Insulation
Maintenance and Repair of Commercial Refrigeration System
Basic Principles of Steam Generation and Different Types of Boilers
Control and Safety Devices for Steam Boilers
Steam Supply Line Accessories and Energy Conservation
Instruments for Measurement of Process Parameters
Safety Precautions, Wires and Cables, Function of Fuses and Miniature Circuit Breakers
Single Phase and Three Phase Wiring
A.C Motors Starters and D.G. set
Sub-Station, Transformer, Distribution System and Power Factor
Tube Well, Water Storage and Supply
Water Quality, Treatment and Purification
Waste Water Treatment, Reuse and Disposal
Water Conservation and Rain Water Harvesting

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