Principle of Manufacture of Ghee

The principle of manufacturing ghee basically involves following three steps:

a) Concentration of lipid phase : Butterfat in milk is present in form of fat globules, which are properly emulsified by fat globule membrane and dispersed in serum phase. For efficient separation of butterfat from the continuous phase(serum), it has to be concentrated inform of cream or malai. Further concentration of butter fat is possible by converting it into a continuous phase as in case of butter. The purpose of concentrating butterfat in a discontinuous (cream) or continuous phase (butter) is to reduce the amount of water and SNF contents in the raw material and facilitate ghee preparation.Sometimes, some intermediate operations such as fermentation of milk prior to concentration of lipid phase or of cream to emanate desired acidic flavour is also adopted.

b) Heat clarification of cream or butter : Removes practically all the moisture and to generate typical flavour and granulation, and

c) Removal of residue from the heat clarified butter fat : To meet the legal requirements and also to improve the storageability.

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