Sizing of Process Equipment

One of the most important considerations in design of dairy is proper sizing or capacity of process equipments. Efficient and effective processing operations entirely depend on suitability of employed process equipment that has enough capacity and capabilities to process the raw inputs into final output or product of required quality. Equipment used for generating and supplying particular utilities are termed as service equipments, whereas the equipments required for processing and manufacturing of milk and milk products are termed as process equipments.The service equipment size must suit to the requirement of processing or process equipments, whereas sizing of process equipment should be appropriate to process available resources to produce desired quality and quantity of products.Importance of proper sizing is highly desirable for optimizing initial investment and operational cost. It is observed that undersized equipment becomes bottleneck in production line, whereas over-sizing above desirable limit will ask for increased utilities for its operation leading to extra cost. Some times, over-sized equipment attracts legal expenses. Such provisions include Non-IBR vs. IBR boilers, small scale vs. large size etc. In general, considerations given in table be looked into while selecting the equipments:

Considerations for Process Equipment Sizing
Considerations for Process Equipment Sizing

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