Clean Milk Production

The dairy industry is an important segment of food industry in India as it plays a significant role in the national economy and socio-economic development of the country. It is an important source of self-employment and subsidiary occupation to the rural and semi urban population of India. Milk provides relatively quick returns for small-scale livestock owners. It is a balanced, nutritious food and a key element in household food security. Over 80 per cent of milk consumed in developing countries is handled by informal market traders, with inadequate regulations. Dairy industry is an integral part of livelihood of million of people thriving on scarce resources. Dairying, as a subsidiary source of income, is a real relief to most of the weaker section in the society who depend on agriculture. Undoubtedly, the major challenge of the dairy sector in India is to increase the milk production in order to meet the increasing demands resulting from population explosion. Under such prevailing circumstances, the maintenance of high quality of milk production at farm under most hygienic conditions and bringing it to milk plant is a most challenging job. Ultimately, the quality of milk and milk products have to be evaluated based on the final products that are going to be utilized by the end users. Hence,the dairy industry is passing through a very critical phase of quality upgradation to place the best quality of milk and milk products in the market.

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