Operations and Location

Operations are defined as repetitive activities performed in a business to produce some product or to provide any service. Marketing, sales, production, purchasing,human resource are some examples of activities performed in a business. Operations and locations section defines how the business will operate and the factors involved in deciding a location of a company respectively. In case of a start-up discuss the critical factors for the same. In case of, retail business describe store operations,for wholesale discuss warehouse operations, for manufacturing describe factors involved in manufacturing process etc.

Operations section defines:
  •  The production and selling of the product
  •  How the services will be made available to a customer?
  •  The infrastructure required by the company like furniture, machines, etc. andhow the company will handle it?
  •  The number of months, days, hours the company will be opened? And accordingly how will the employees, inventory, timings etc. will be managed.
Location is one of the most critical elements of a business. Success of any business is highly dependent on the location of a business. Location of a business is dependent on the type of business. For retailers location plays an important role, however, for manufacturing units and a wholesaler, location is not that much critical.

Factors involved for deciding a location involves:
  •  Space required by your company depending on the type of business.
  •  Desirable location and area and the cost effect on choosing that area.
  •  Is the location easily accessible?l How the traffic is in that area and is sufficient parking space there?
  •  Zoning requirements (zoning laws)
  •  How safe is that area?
  •  The space you are considering is it owned by the company, or on lease. Provide the document required.
  •  For retailers:
  •  Specify other competitors in that area, and other businesses running in that location.
  •  Is the location easily accessible to the customers?

For manufacturers and wholesalers and other businesses:
  •  Is public transportation available?
  •  Is the location near to the customers and suppliers?
Provide summary and the blue print of the location with the business plan.

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