Purpose of Measurements

i. Improvement in the Quality of Product

The fundamental purpose of measurement of process variables is to improve the quality of product by processing it under the optimum processing conditions. The operating conditions of a process, that is, processing temperature, steam pressure, flow rates of various streams, etc., must be controlled with in specific limits. If all these process variables are maintained at their optimum values, the milk products produced would be of the best quality.

ii. Enhancing the Production Capacity and Efficiency of the Machine 

All the milk processing equipment are designed to operate under given set of machine parameters, such as speed, pressure or vacuum, flow rates and heat exchanger temperature, etc. The efficiency of these equipment or machines would be maximum, if they are operated under the parameters for which they have been designed. Their production capacity and the economy of operation would also be more at the optimum machine parameters. Thus the continuous monitoring of these machine parameters through accurate measurement devices is essential for operating the machine at its optimum parameters to achieve the higher production capacity and efficiency of the machine.

iii. Control of Engineering Services

In a dairy plant there is requirement of several services, such as, steam, chilled water, fresh water, refrigerant, electricity, etc. to carry out the processing operations like pasteurization, homogenization, cream separation, evaporation, drying, freezing and the washing of equipment. There are cold storages, boiler, electricity generators, and waste treatment units to provide engineering services in a dairy plant. In all the above services, variables like temperature, pressure, flow rates etc. are needed to be controlled. In order that these process variables may be controlled, the prerequisite is that they can be measured at the desired location in the individual equipment.

iv. Cost Appraisal

Measurement of a variable is also required to compute the cost of the commodity used. Water, electric energy meters and weighing balances are installed to measure the quantity of these commodities being used to work out the cost factor.All of the above functions require measurements. This is because proper and economical design, operation and maintenance of different processes, plant and machinery require a feedback of information. This information is supplied by making suitable measurements.

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