Strategies to improve the Quality of Milk

If the dairy industry in India has to gear up to be considered as one of the best in the world, the stress should be emphasized on “Quality of raw milk”. To achieve this goal, it is imperative to have comprehensive extension efforts to impart knowledge on clean milk production practices to the dairy farmers. The strategies to be employed for this are:

1. Identification of coalition or interest groups in the rural communities involved in community development activities.

2. Work with the group to get information on the needs, priorities and constraints in the various aspects of clean milk production.

3. Designing and developing new Information and Communication technologies like Interactive Multimedia on clean milk production practices as it fulfills the need for the interaction in the communication process as compared to other media.

4. Education and training of the milk producers on hygiene, house keeping, clean methods of milking and collection of milk and good animal husbandry practices.Educational programmes should be organized for farmers for making them aware of clean milk production practices.

5. Posters/charts/video films on clean milk production can be displayed at village level, society level as well as at milk collection centers.

6. Mass media programmes should be initiated with regular visits of experts, in relation to comprehend the clean and hygienic practices by the farmers.

7. Villager should be made aware about fast multiplication of bacteria at various stages of milk handling by testing of bacteriological quality of milk from udder to milking point, society and ultimately reception dock.

8. There is a need to identify the information needs of the target group on various aspects of clean milk production practices and data base computer information system to improve the efficiency of standard practices.

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