Packaging Forms

Butter may be packaged in various ways depending on the required form, weight unit and packaging material. Many forms of packages are in use. The common forms are listed below:

a) Wrapped blocks or rolls
b) Boxes
c) Cubes
d) Tubs
e) Tin cans

For bulk packages, corrugated or solid fibre board has almost completely replaced wood. Parchment is the common lining but plastic films and aluminium foils are used in some countries. The weight of contents in most countries is 25 kg.Retail packages are mainly wrappers made from aluminium foil/ parchment laminate or parchment alone; the trend has been largely dictated by the design of automatic packaging machinery. Other types of packages are also used, for example, tubs holding 50-300 g for retail sale or 10-15 g for consumer portions. These are usually closed with heat sealed foil or laminate. There is small market for butter in collapsible tubs.

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