Packaging Machinery

The increased demand for pre-packed articles led to the introduction of modern packaging machines in dairy industry. Butter can be packaged either manually or machines. The manual packaging is slow and labour intensive while packaging by the machines is faster. There are two types of butter packaging machines. These are (a) semi-automatic and (b) fully automatic type. Use of machines for packaging of butter reduces losses and labour. Also the fully automatic machine delivers a pre-weighed quantity of butter in each individual package. It pats & moulds the butter, wraps it and then delivers to the packages. These machines can be set to deliver butter packets of different sizes such 5 g, 10 g, 25 g, 50g, 100 g, 250g and 500 g packs. Few well-known brands of fully automatic butter packaging machines are Kustner, Benhill (both German make) and SIG (Swiss make). In these machines the individually wrapped packs go to cartooning machines where they are packed in cardboard boxes for storage or further transportation. The butter packed in cardboard boxes are stored overnight at 5°C and then shifted to the butter storage room at -29°C.

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