Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Whether a customer is satisfied or not, depends on the performance of the product. A customer feels satisfied if the product performance is up to the expectation. Dissatisfaction occurs when the product does not produce the desired result. Getting more than the expectation delights or highly satisfies a customer.

Nowadays companies aim for higher satisfaction level in their customers because an unsatisfied customer may switch to some other brand and they may loose sales. However, there are fewer chances of switching to some other brand in case of a highly satisfied customer.

A buyer forms his/her expectation by:
  •  Getting the information from several sources like friends, relatives, acquaintances,family members, and neighbors
  •  Company's reputation in the market compared to other companies
  •  Promises and claims made by the company and their correctness 
 Companies are raising customer expectations and trying to deliver the expected output to satisfy every customer. Two different customers may be satisfied with the company's product due to two different reasons. A company can hold the customer by gaining customer satisfaction. A highly satisfied customer:
Stays for a long period
  •  Have a good mouth about the company's product and services
  •  Do not give much attention to other brands
  •  Buys more product (more consumption)
  •  Costs less to serve than the new customer
Regular customer satisfaction surveys help a company protect its market share.

Therefore, for a company to run successfully, it should look out all the areas that can satisfy a customer.

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